“I enjoy playing with and meeting other people” 

S. Oki

“Increased fitness, keeping fit, meeting new people and having fun” 

J. Thomas

“I have gained physical strength and learned to pass the ball in small areas”

E. Pedro 

“I have improved as a center back with more confidence”

J. Ojoulape

“Have learned and improved with the system of football and coaching”

K. Akanador

“I have gained the experience of working as part of a team” 

Y. Ichthouko

“Fun while learning to play football, meeting people and learning from older players”

I. Boateng 

“Meeting new people, improving self in football and learning” 

R. Russell

“Meeting a few friends from the past and meeting new people, have increased my sharpness and awareness and learned more about people ” 

J. Hallett

“Acorn is a club that has been brought to my attention as an organisation that is doing good work in breaking down barriers between different community groups” 

J. Manning.
Inclusion Development Officer
Essex County FA